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Free Consultation

The process begins with a free consultation at the sale location. At this time we will discuss the sale process and the best way Tag Team can assist in making the experience pleasant and the results profitable and positive.

Preparations & Advertising

Next, we need to secure a date. Tag Team is aware that there could be time constraints and restrictions due to homeowner’s associations, etc. Tag Team will do our best to work with and around these conditions. We can usually handle all aspects.

Once an agreement is reached, Tag Team begins the work. We clean, organize, and attractively display items. We bring all necessary supplies, including tables and shelving for setup. Simultaneously, we are doing thorough research, checking market values, and then pricing the items accordingly.

Photos are taken of all items in the house and advertisements are placed in the appropriate local newspapers,, and We have an extensive email list of over 5000 people that the ad also goes out to.

We provide outdoor directional signage on the days of the sale to bring in an optimal number of customers.

Professional Sale - From Beginning to End

Now it is time to conduct a professional, well-supervised sale for the agreed-upon number of days. This is usually 2 or 3 days. We carefully limit the number of people in the home at any given time to maintain control and prevent chaos.

Finally clean up after the sale will take place, as agreed upon by the client. This could be just a vacuum and a wipe down, or we can arrange for the charitable donation of leftovers and a total cleanout.

There is no cash upfront. The commission comes out of the proceeds of the sale. Payment to the client for the final amount will be made as discussed during the initial consultation and evaluation.