How to have a successful sale:

In order to optimize the sale results there a number of things to be done beforehand:

Prep Work

  • Make decisions about what to keep and remove from the sale location, or if possible secure in a room within the house.
  • Secure all items (documents, papers, photos) as much as possible. Tag Team will secure any items that have been missed and make sure they get to the family. We have your best interests in mind.
  • One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so we ask that you do not throw anything away. Let Tag Team assist you in determining what is salable and what is trash.
  • Estate sales do attract a large volume of people, so it is important to make sure the location is safe. Again, Tag Team can assist in assessing the site, making it a safe and secure place to conduct a sale.

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The Sale

  • Tag Team will then handle the rest from this point on. This includes the cleaning of items, setup and staging of the sale, advertising, and conducting the sale.
  • Finally, once the sale dates have arrived, the sale will take place. Tag Team has found that sales work best when the client is not present at the sale. Tag Team will keep you informed of the sale process and contact you with any questions or issues should they arise. Rest assured we have conducted hundreds of sales before with great results.